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What is Reach & Thrive?

My name is Andria Yates, and I am the founder of Reach & Thrive, a specialized consultancy that supports individuals and groups in personal development. 


This work comes from a desire to broaden my reach beyond the organizational projects and work with individuals that focused primarily, at least at the outset, on organizational effectiveness and career related issues.  

To know more about me and my background for this work, I elaborate a bit here, and direct you to additional areas where I work and play.

To better understand how Reach & Thrive may support you, in solo or in group settings, please take a look at the services I provide.

What does Reach & Thrive offer?

The subtext of Reach & Thrive is Learn.Create.Relate. 


Thrive is right there in the name.  Reach is, too.

And there is a reason for each one.

I believe that too often we accept that we have to settle for getting through the day, or the year, which is the opposite of a sense of thriving in our lives. 


And I believe to thrive, you must continue to learn throughout your life, actively create the life you want, and a hallmark of a well lived life includes the ability to relate well to others.

Where does Reach come in?


Reaching within, slowing down, contemplating, processing new information and integrating what makes sense for you, I believe is not only key, but essential to thriving. And some might agree that we have much too little of all of those things in our lives. Which means turning off autopilot before deciding or acting, removing blinders and blinking a few times before fully seeing.

So there you have it:  I believe that all of those words have meaning and importance to the work I offer here.

And what comes after the words?


Through Reach & Thrive, I offer workshops, seminars, and retreats as well as individual and group advising and coaching to assist you to reach inside and outside yourself to live the life you want, how you want. 


And, yes, and to encourage and challenge you to thrive.

Interested in programs offered?

In addition to The Contemplation Cafe, Reach & Thrive hosts public and private events and partners with others.  I'll keep those options updated here, and if you want, send you an email with regular updates if you wish to subscribe.

Curious? Questions? Want to explore working together?

You can send me a general request here or call. I'll get back to you as promptly as I can.


If you are ready with detailed questions, head over to services where you can provide more information to get me more clearly aligned with your interests.


And if you would like to receive updates for programs and events, then please subscribe to receive emails delivered directly to you.  I won't send many updates, but if you decide it isn't for you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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