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Reach & Thrive Founder,
Andria L. Yates, Ph.D.

I guess you could say I'm a "Jane of many trades", with formal education in engineering and psychology, and more part time roles than you can shake a stick at.


That last phrase also tells you a bit about me, that I would know, and use, that phrase.


I could share years of formal details here,

but I'll leave that to other places where bios are expected. 


If credentials and history are of interest, you can read about my teaching at the University of Tennessee, as well as the more technical and organizational work I do with people and systems at Development Concepts.  Some day (but don't hold your breath, as I seem to be reluctant to use that platform), I will complete a Linked In profile and provide specifics about the years since I finished my undergraduate degree, at least on the work front.

For now, I will share here that I am passionate about this work, and I've waited a few years to put a great deal of my energy into this. Not because I haven't had it as a plan for those years and more--and I have continued to work with individuals and groups on a reduced basis--but because I took an unplanned and unwelcome detour. That change, all that included in my work and personal life, and the ensuing delay, has shaped my vision for this work even more so. 

Perhaps that is fodder for a blog post, or a workshop.

Stay tuned.

I'd rather continue this conversation in person, or on Zoom, if it is relevant to us working together. If you have what you need here, let's go. If not, ask, and I'll do my best to answer your questions about me and Reach & Thrive, and how it may serve you in your life.

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