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Public speaking, teaching, facilitating, creating group experiences and programs are a joy for me.


I've created 12 month programs for groups, and I've structured a private retreat for one.


While I lead groups of students abroad for weeks at a time, I'm just as excited to curate a smaller program, finding just the right space and food, refining the content of interest and presenting it in a way that engages others.

This area of my work has existed since I taught undergraduate physics labs when I was an undergraduate.


It continued through my career transitions with for-profit organizations of all sorts as well as with groups in non-profits and social organizations.

And I still teach at the undergraduate level, just not physics any longer.

I have a wide range of interests and experiences to draw upon for my programs.  Let's explore together.  And if I'm not the best person for your group or program, I'll help you find that person.

As a signature public monthly program, I'm excited to offer The Contemplation Cafe. Interested? I invite you to join us!


Or contact me to discuss creating a private program for your group.


Or both!

Advising and Coaching

As a principal of Development Concepts, I’ve supported individuals within a work environment in a number of areas.


  • Career Assessment, Evaluation & Planning

  • Personality, Style & Preference Assessment & Evaluation

  • Skill Assessment, Evaluation & Development

  • Consultation & Coaching for Goal Setting & Action Planning


You can learn more about those specific categories there, but if you are interested in pursuing any of these areas on your own, you are in the right place. Think of this as life integration, not necessarily balancing a life.


Over the last thirty years, both informally and formally, I’ve mentored and coached employees, students, and clients. A single tactical meeting can often meet the objective; in some cases, I’ve worked with others over a year and longer.


For families and small groups, areas of focus are generally around communication and conflict resolution of some sort. Conflict is not always a large explosion; many times individuals in community, whether a family or other small group, are aided when they have an outside resource in navigating in the smaller challenges.


And if a proactive approach is something you seek, I not only applaud that, I recommend it! Think of it like a good diet and exercise as a part of a healthy life.


Regardless of the issue, we focus on what you most want to accomplish, being clear about goals and actions needed to achieve those goals.


The topics below are some of the most recent requests I've received.

  • Communication and personal style differences

  • Family transitions through the years focusing on adolescent through emerging adult development

  • Technology and social-emotional development

If you as an individual or as part of a group are interested in learning more about how I might be of assistance, let's start the conversation.

Looking for a guest speaker for an event or a program? I have worked with a wide variety of groups in monthly and annual meetings, and I find this to be a way I like to connect and serve. Let me know if you would like to explore this option for your group.

Whether I work with one person, an intact or created group, or speak to a large audience, I follow a few basic principles:  

  • I listen, I support, I advise.

  • I offer this work with care and humility.

  • I base my perspectives on a holistic and systems approach, balancing the rational and the emotional, research and experience.

  • I believe all life is interconnected, inwardly and outwardly, from an individual perspective and across individuals, groups and communities.

  • I diligently work to stay informed and educated about the areas we'll be engaged in. 

  • I invest in my own coaching and advising so I'll be best able to support you.

If you are curious about the type of group programs I can provide, I share a bit about that below. 

If you are interested in advising and coaching with individuals, families, and small groups, I invite you to contact me to discuss.

But please note:  I am not a therapist, and work with me is not therapy, even though it may seem therapeutic. In some cases, individuals, couples and families who work with me may also engage a therapist, before, during, or after. I manage those boundaries with care and respect for the work therapists do.

What Do I Provide?
My focus is to help you live your best life,
whether you need support for a singular task
or if you are beginning a multi-year challenge.
My job is to help you increase your success, happiness, and health
by clarifying options, helping you plan how to get where you want to go,
and providing tools to get there.
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