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For Your Consideration

Welcome to Reach & Thrive

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A few words of welcome! If you've come here, you may have not yet taken a spin around the site, or you may have already read every word (as of yet) published.

I'm going to keep this brief, which is likely to be rare in future blog posts.

The main purpose of this first post is to say I'm glad you are here, and to tell you a bit about what I hope to accomplish with this blog, at least as I begin.

As you can see at the top left, in addition to the All Posts option, you have three categories:


Yes, just what it says, the space where I will write about events of various sorts--Reach & Thrive and other events that I believe may be of interest to readers. Particularly for Reach & Thrive events, I will go deeper describing my intention for the event I'm offering, perhaps do a post experience review, and possibly solicit input about future events of interest.

For Your Consideration

This is a place where I'll share research, media, news, opinions and other information I am interested in and think could be of interest to you. I have a number of ideas that may begin here, and if successful, become their own categories. I'm considering interviews, book reviews, and a few others. But for now, this is where most all information sharing will occur, other than the Events section.

If I share something that is available for purchase, I'll always disclose if I receive anything from a purchase you make from this site. While I always encourage local business purchases, I may link elsewhere to share more information or options.


This is the most abstract category at least at this point. I ponder a great deal, a term my late husband used extensively, and did, to great effect. I believe there is a shortage of pondering in our world today, something perpetuated by many societal changes and systems we live with. So my plan, as I work to explore my own opinions, concerns, and thoughts, is to share them here.

This idea is the most anxiety producing portion of this blog for many reasons, but each post will be clearly stated as a work in progress, for I believe that in pondering, like wandering, there may not be a solid destination that can't be changed with new information, or a path newly seen. As my late husband used for his personal email signature line for years, and our younger daughter is planning an essay on as I type, "Not all those who wander are lost" (Tolkien). I hope by my pondering, outside of my private journal, I find my way, and may provide some light for yours.

There you have it. My intention for the blog.

I expect to post at least once per week, but we'll see how that evolves. If you are on Facebook, I'll share the link when a new post is up.

And as you read, I welcome your thoughts, responses, critiques. I'm still processing the options for those, in terms of comments here and the Facebook comment section. If you want to share privately, you can always email me directly -- andria AT reach-thrive DOT com.


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